It’s been just over a year since we began our partnership with Elrond, and both projects have gone from strength to strength. Today we’re pleased to be deepening our collaboration with a new commitment to protecting Elrond’s users and securing tools built on the Elrond chain.

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The advent of Web3 is an amazing thing, but simply being decentralized isn’t enough — in fact, a Web3 approach introduces a variety of brand new privacy problems which can leave users even more exposed than before. …

The HOPR staking program is now live! This tutorial will show you how to stake your xHOPR tokens using the staking interface. Rewards will accumulate after July 27th and can be claimed at any time.

IMPORTANT: The HOPR staking contract lives on xDAI chain, and stakes are in xHOPR. You need to make sure your wallet is set to xDAI before you connect to the widget. If you try to connect on Ethereum, nothing will happen.

If you’re using Metamask, you can find a tutorial for adding xDAI here. …

HOPR’s gamified staking program is here! This post will run through all the major details, including timings, rewards, and how the NFT boost system works. When you’re ready to get started, head to to begin.

Staking and locking

The contract will be available for staking deposits from July 20th. The contract will be deployed on xDAI Chain and the staking token will be xHOPR. To stake and lock tokens, you can simply send xHOPR to the contract address from the address you want to stake from. We’ll also be providing an interface to manage your stake, rewards, and NFT boosts.

The address…

This is the second episode in a new series covering the basics of HOPR. You can find the first episode here.

The HOPR protocol is special because it protects both your data AND your connection metadata. But what is this metadata, and why is protecting it so important?

Connection metadata is the data that’s generated when you do things online, like visit a website, use an app, or send a message. This metadata records information like who sent the data (in the form of an IP address), where they sent it (another IP), at what time, and how much data…

One of the most important announcements from our recent community call was the imminent launch of HOPR’s first staking program. This six month-scheme takes standard yield farming and gives a gamified twist thanks to collectible NFTs which can boost your APY. This post will provide some more details about how it will work, when the scheme will launch and what to do in the meantime.

If you missed the call, you can watch it here.


First things first: the new HOPR staking scheme will launch on July 27th and run until 17th January 2022. The goal of the scheme…

This is the first episode in a new series covering the basics of HOPR. Join us each week for a new update.

The Reality of the Today’s Internet

Imagine a list of everything you’ve done online this week, and when. Everyone you messaged or called. Every social media interaction, crypto exchange visit, takeout order, doctors appointment, dating app match. Every website you visited (yes, ALL of them!). Now add everywhere you’ve been with your phone, handily tracked by GPS and timestamped.

Would you be happy for your neighbours to see this list? Your boss? Your bank? Your insurance company? What about everyone on the internet? Now…

The results of the first HOPR DAO v0.1 vote using the HOPR token are in!

How should the funds in the Uniswap DAI-HOPR pool, which were placed there by the Genesis DAO after the HOPR launch, be distributed among decentralized exchanges?

The winning proposal, with just under 60% of the vote, was proposal #3, originally proposed by forum member @svd. Under this proposal, the liquidity will remain in the Uni v2 pool until the end of the HOPR Farm, after which it will be moved to Uni v3. The liquidity will be provided at a fee tier of 0.3% …

Phase 2: Referendum of the first HOPR DAO v0.1 governance experiment is now live and will run for 48hrs! Proposals now need to gather 20% community support to reach the final vote stage.

The topic is:

How should the funds in the Uniswap DAI-HOPR pool, which were placed there by the Genesis DAO after the HOPR launch, be distributed among decentralized exchanges?

Thanks to everyone who participated in the discussion phase. It was very productive, we had a lot of great discussion and proposals and some wonderful community-organized procedures to try and streamline decision making. This has produced a wide…

The HOPR DAO v0.1 officially launches today with our first governance experiment!

In coming up with a good topic for the next governance vote, it was important to pick a topic which the community is highly invested in and can have full control over the outcome.

For example, despite the many, many (MANY) calls of “Wen Binance?”, that’s not a suitable topic for this discussion. There’s no mechanism by which a DAO could negotiate with central exchanges or pay their exorbitant fees. …

As part of the HOPR token launch, the HOPR Association held an online global event on the 24th of February. In addition to AMAs and other events with local communities, we ran the HOPRound the World contest with a combined prize pool of 110,000 HOPR tokens and a trip to HOPR’s home country of Switzerland and Jungfrau, the mountain which gives the latest HOPR release its name.


At each of our ten global hops, we asked you to tweet the answer to a quiz question about HOPR or Jungfrau and posed a harder puzzle on our forum. …

Rik Krieger

Rik Krieger is Co-Founder at HOPR, holds an Executive MBA from the University of Zurich and has extensive experiences in Business-Development

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