As part of the HOPR token launch, the HOPR Association held an online global event on the 24th of February. In addition to AMAs and other events with local communities, we ran the HOPRound the World contest with a combined prize pool of 110,000 HOPR tokens and a trip to HOPR’s home country of Switzerland and Jungfrau, the mountain which gives the latest HOPR release its name.


At each of our ten global hops, we asked you to tweet the answer to a quiz question about HOPR or Jungfrau and posed a harder puzzle on our forum. …

Update: Liquidity mining is not a standard feature of most DEXs. To ensure the safety of everyone, we decided to test the code more thoroughly and also engage an external bug bounty platform to help keep your funds SAFU! We apologize for the delays due to this and hope you can bear with us. These announcements are definitely worth your time.

What a week! After the hugely successful Genesis DAO presale and public launch on Balancer, we’re now in Phase 3 of the HOPR token launch.

When the Balancer LBP concluded, there were 17,955,067 DAI and 18,016,003 HOPR in the…

The HOPR token launch is almost upon us. The Genesis DAO has voted, the smart contracts are built and tested. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

You can read more about the overall structure of the HOPR Launch here, but this post will focus on the presale, where 50,000,000 HOPR tokens will be available to Genesis DAO participants, at a price of 0.05 xDAI each (and an initial cap of 16,000 HOPR per participant).

Read on for more details of how to participate and what you can do to prepare.

Get your checklist ready for the presale!

How to Participate in the Presale

Participating in the presale is easy: just send…

It’s the moment you’ve been patiently waiting (and some maybe not so patiently!) for months… We’re ready to announce the details of the HOPR token launch!

The HOPR Genesis DAO has voted on the final distribution mechanism. The launch will run in three phases starting from next week (February 21st), to coincide with the HOPR Jungfrau release on February 24th.

Before we get to the exciting details, I’d like to briefly take some time to thank our incredible community for their participation in the HOPR Genesis DAO. Despite being asked to step up and make a decision at short notice…

Data privacy is usually framed as a war against snoopers and hackers. But the partnership between HOPR and Sedimentum shows that most data privacy work isn’t a battlefield, it’s a collaborative effort between different fields trying to preserve the privacy and dignity of society’s most vulnerable — people like our kids, the elderly, and those suffering from physical and mental ill-health.

Today we announce our partnership with Sedimentum, ensuring metadata privacy in the MedTech industry. Read the announcement here.

HOPR And Sedimentum: Bringing Metadata Privacy (And Dignity) To MedTech

We all agree it’s sometimes necessary to compromise the privacy of certain members of society, for their safety or for ours…

Let’s talk about our most valuable asset: our team!

They say you’re only as good as the team around you — and a company is only as successful as their individuals — so every single team member is extraordinarily important. A great team is like a Masterpiece, a Swiss watch for example, where we all mutually motivate each other. Here at HOPR, we aim to create an environment of trust, while surrounding ourselves with the best — those who are independent, self-starters, and aren’t satisfied with the status quo. This can clash with the fact that we need to stay…

In the beginning, hardly anyone thinks about creating their brand. Most people do not see the value, yet we all cherish big brands like Coca-Cola, BMW, or Apple. We all know about Steve Jobs’ obsession with details and for quality design — even the font for his hardware company had to be outstanding.

A brand anchors your vision and values and provides everyone with a clear path forward. This is even more important to bring cohesion in decentralized projects like HOPR, where most team members are in Switzerland, but not everyone. Gifted talents are rare, so a company needs to…

HOPR Co-Founders: Robert KIEL, Sebastian BÜRGEL, Rik KRIEGER

It was over an ice cold beer in the summer of 2019, that Sebastian first told me about HOPR. Needless to say, I was intrigued, but thought nothing more of it until we talked again in mid-December. By this point, HOPR was becoming more than an idea, as he recruited me to be a third co-founder, someone who would establish and conduct the Business Development side of the company. So I decided to fly into San Francisco and meet Sebastian in Pacifica for two reasons:

  1. Cultural Match: Did we still have the same targets in life (as we had worked…

Rik Krieger

Rik Krieger is Co-Founder at HOPR, holds an Executive MBA from the University of Zurich and has extensive experiences in Business-Development

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